XML Reader not seeing flow variables ?

I have down loaded the workflow for analysing workflow meta data.
The XML reader is depreciated so I changed it for the new xml reader.
However, the new xml reader does not see the workflow variables ?

when I try to select the workflow variable the selection is greyed out?
However there are no other changes and as soon as I reconnect the depreciated xml reader the workflow variables are accessible ?

Please could someone tell me my mistake ?
many thanks

Hi @PGMAii,

are you missing a flow variable for the file path? Then you have to change the typ of the flow variable to “Path” e. g. through the string to path node for it to show up.

Else could you tell us which flow variable you are missing with what type?

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all I am doing is changing the depreciated xml reader for the new one…
the depreciated reader sees the flow variables and allows me to select them , the new reader does not ?
the flow variable is “location”
It appears the new xml reader works differently from the depreciated one ?

Hello @PGMAii,

and welcome to KNIME Community!

From XML node description:
This node supports the path flow variable. For further information about file handling in general see the File Handling Guide.

(You probably need String to Path node.)


Hi thanks ,
The path variable is in the workflow variables and is visible to the depreciated xml reader however the new xml reader cannot see it ?

Hi @PGMAii ,

the depreciated xml reader only sees location variables in the “String” format.
the new xml reader only sees the location variable in “Path” format.

So you will have to use the

node before your (new) xml reader node


Hi Thanks but…
I have tried the old reader with the path variable and it works , and I have now tried the path to string variable for the new reader and it still doesn’t allow me to select a variable…
I am confused ?

Hi @PGMAii,

Can you give us your workflow as an example? (if there is no confidential information in the workflow)
Maybe that would make it clearer where the problem is

hi ,
the workflow is the knime supplied Interactive_Workflow_metadata_Exploration workflow.

Interactive Workflow Metadata exploration – KNIME Hub

so nothing confidential here :slight_smile: I am just trying to replace the depreciated nodes…
all good apart from the XML reader…
Any help gratefully accepted.

Hi @PGMAii,

attached the changed workflow.
Have to say I was wrong with my previous comment.
It seems the XML reader node is one of the nodes, which was not changed to path type :frowning: (sorry misleading)
But if you do it the exact other way around (changing the path flow variable type from the new list files node to string) then it works :slight_smile:

Interactive_Workflow_Metadata_Exploration.knwf (426.2 KB)

Hi no problem but… you still have the depreciated xml reader in the workflow ?
That’s the one I am trying to update…

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Hi @PGMAii,

sorry I checked with the wrong version - here with the newest version :slight_smile:
(but then my comment from before was correct - the newest version requires the path format :partying_face:

Interactive_Workflow_Metadata_Exploration.knwf (299.6 KB)

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Hi @AnotherFraudUser ,
Many thanks all working. I didn’t realise that the issue was being created at the start of the workflow.
Your solution has cleared the error I can now see the workflow variables in the xml reader node.

I am still confused as to why but that’s for me to figure out :slight_smile:
thanks again…

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