XML reader times out

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I noticed the in KNIME 2.6 the XML Reader node fails with a time-out error much faster than its predecessor in v2.5.4.

For example I used this URL as selected file in the XML Reader node:


and gives me this error:


ERROR XML Reader Execute failed: Read timed out

By slighly increasing the tanimoto threshold to 75 and above (i.e. reducing the length of the response) the same query works:


As I said, this was definitely not the case in 2.5.4.

Is there a fix?


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We have introduced a timeout of 1 second for all readers since quite a few users complained that slow websites blocked dialogs. You can adjust the timeout by setting the Java property "knime.url.timeout" to a value in milliseconds in your knime.ini (e.g. -D.knime.url.timeout=10000).

Hi Thorsten,

Indeed, by adding this:



in the knime.ini, the problem was solved.

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I'm not sure this is an ideal solution relying on the user to be editing the knime.ini file, it's not particularly user friendly. Is there no way of building in a timeout setting in the node dialog of the XML reader node. At least this way George could update his public workflows so they work straight out of the box.



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I agree with "richards99"  it's not the ideal solution but it did work for me. However now I've upgrade to knime 2.7.4 it doesn't work anymore. Has there been a change?

I now implement a JPython script which does work since but obviously this is not the preferred way at all.




Do you have to restart KNIME when you change the knime.ini?