XML reader

This seems like something that would already be available in KNIME, but I cannot find it if it is… is there a node that can read XML input files? I have noticed someone else trying to write one, but I thought this would be a very common request.

Hi Liz,

Very much agreed. This is a common request and we have it on the list. Unfortunately this list is long and given our limited resources we can’t address each request right away. The xml reading/processing functionality is currently not planned for the next minor release. It could get into it if someone in the group needs it for his research (which I doubt) or if we get funding for it.

But of course you (and others) are welcome to contribute code or sponsor the development.

– Bernd

There are now XML nodes available in KNIME Desktop.  To find them simply install the latest version of KNIME (2.6.2 as of today) and under the file menu, select Install KNIME Extensions.  The XML nodes are located in the "KNIME and Extensions" section.  

We get redirected to http://www.knime.org/update/2.8/content.xml when selecting "Install KNIME Extensions".

We have installed 2.8.0 version currently.

How can we process XML files then?