XML to columns using XSD file

HI there,

Has anyone successfully converted XML to columns but using the XSD file. The issue with the XML output is sometimes a value does not exist when you are building the nodes with the test data. The complete list of options exist in the XSD validator file so somehow ing that would be brilliant. All advice welcome.

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Hi @gpearson, I’ve not seen anything for processing an XSD, but are you looking for something that can read the XSD and then somehow build your nodes, or just validate that you’ve covered everything?

Hi there. Sorry for not making it clear. I am looking for something that helped to build the nodes. In many cases the format or the test data will not cover every example.

Screen Shot 2021-05-19 at 5.47.02 pm

To unpack the XML (to allow for the parent child dependancies) I am using JSON Path then Ungroup, then moving down the tree etc.

Maybe there is an easier way but I have not found one (yet).