XML to table for large files (instead of Xpath)

I am trying to extract the XML code to a table format. I have more than 150 columns and around 10000 rows. Defining all the columns in Xpath isn’t efficient. Searched the previous threads and tried the ‘XML to Json’ node and ‘Json to Table’ nodes. But, taking forever to convert and getting the ‘Java heap space’ error. Is there a node or combination of nodes that can convert the XML code to tabular format? Any help is greatly appreciated.
Thank you.

Do you have a list of all the tags you want to extract? If so, you might be able to build up a regular expression using e.g. GroupBy nodes and String manipulation, and then use that in e.g. a Java Snippet node to extract a pair of lists - the first being the tag names matched, the second the content.

If your XML has no attributes with any of the tags, then something relatively simple like


may well suffice.


there are several packages (Python) that promises to extract Xpath automatically with just a few parameters. Would it be possible to share an example file that represents your data.

Thank you for your help Steve. I am dealing with bigger XML files and the attributes varies depending on the data I pull from a form. So, I am looking for a feature that can automatically detect the tags in the XML code. Does Knime have such feature/node available? Any turnarounds to avoid manual definition of the tags and convert the xml data into table? Below is how the code looks like.

<wd:name_display wd:Descriptor=“Amy Administrator”>
<wd:ID wd:type=“WID”>7d393bf063d6503211e6c</wd:ID>
<wd:class wd:Descriptor=“Manager”>
<wd:ID wd:type=“WID”>4b07aabf8ee30188bb16b50a</wd:ID>
<wd:ID wd:type=“Management_Level_ID”>Manager</wd:ID>

That would be great. Is the packages you are talking about are part of Knime extensions? Or need licensing? Attached is the sample code I am working on. I have Nested data in some of the files.
Appreciate your help. Thank you.sample xml code.txt (2.3 KB)