XML to Table via JSON and Perl - Recommendations for Improvement?

I've created a workflow to convert clinical codes to a flat "code to description" CSV for further linking. The data comes natively in XML and I'm converting it to JSON and then quite a lot of transposing to get it into CSV. My question is can this be done better, using only KNIME nodes (no code snippets to keep it as transparent as possible) and directly from XML rather than going through JSON. Specifically I would want to replace the Perl Snippet although this very efficiently does the job.

The input file is available in this zip file: https://www.cms.gov/Medicare/Coding/ICD10/Downloads/2017-ICD10-Code-Tables-Index.zip

My workflow is attached.


I attached a workflow for you that does the job with one XPath node. Hope that helps.



Thanks Marten. This is great and much more efficient. Sorry it took 9 months to get back to you. I suppose the only issue is that I can’t seem to also extract the section using XPath in a single node along side these but it would be easy enough to create a loop.