XML Writer does not find directory on MacOSX


in my workflow I want to write an xml file with the XML Writer Node from a result I obtained with the html parser. After entering any directory in the dialog box KNIME claims that the directory doesn't exist. I use the latest MacOS. On Windows everything works fine.

Any idea?

Thanks Jerry

That is a bit weird, but I think I see what you mean.  If you double check the resulting path, I would be willing to guess that the final folder is listed twice (and thus the path likely does not exist).  If you single click on the folder, it will be properly selected in the chooser, at least it is for me.  Does that help? 

I will open a request to see if we can polish this a bit - aplogies for the trouble and thanks for the report. 


Thanks Aaron,

I figured it out now. It has to do with the english/german naming of the folders. If I select the documents folder (which is on My Laptop "Dokumente") via Browse/Click it claims the folder doesn't exist because it requires the english name "Documents". If I correct it to documents it finds the folder. Similar with Schreibtisch/Desktop.

Best regards, Jerry