XPath with ome-xml

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I have some problems using the XPath node. I'm trying to read out the xml-ome metadata from our image data and I can’t get it done.

Here is the workflow with the example data:



What am I doing wrong? 


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First, you need to address the elements with absolute paths, e.g. "/OME" instead of just "OME". Second, since the XML document contains a namespace you need to prefix all element names in the XPath expression with the prefix. The last option in the dialog maps the root element's namespace to "dns", i.e. your expressions should read something like "/dns:OME/dns:Instrument/...".

Also note that e.g. the "Objective" and "Plane" elements are empty, i.e. you won't get any results.

Prefixes are:     xsi and schemaLocation;

Namespaces are:    http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance and http://www.openmicroscopy.org/Schemas/OME/2013-06/ome.xsd

is that right ????

I can't get it to work :'(

Could you please send me a screen image from the configuration of the XPath because right now I have no clue?

What do I have to type in for getting from lets say Image 1 the Informations: DeltaT="2.7250001430511475" PositionX="3112.5" PositionY="8350.7" PositionZ="-7100.0" TheC="0" TheT="0" TheZ="0" ???


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As I said, you only need to change your XPath expression so that it includes the prefixes: /dns:OME/dns:Instrument

The correct XPath for your problems depends on the exact information and the format you want to have. The values you want to get are stored in attributes. If you want to have each attribute in a separate column, you will need as many XPath nodes as there are attributes, each node extracting one attribute, e.g. (paths may not be correct)






I think I got it now :-)

Thanks a lot.


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