XSLT Error

I am trying to process some xml with XSLT.
I have tested the XSLT externally to Knime by writing the XML to a file and processing that file with the same XSLT using Saxon 6.5.5, which is the last XSLT1.0 version of Saxon.But in Knime
It works.

But in Knime, I just get an execution failure with
ERROR XSLT 0:41 Execute failed: java.lang.NullPointerException

This is my project

It reads JSON from a URL, converts to XML, Reads XSLT from a URL, pipes the xml and xslt into the XSLT node, and fails there.

Any suggestions on how to gt this working?

Hi @feargal -

Could you upload the workflow itself here so I can try to replicate the problem (hopefully with some JSON and XML dummy data as well)?

I have uploaded the workflow.
The source files use URLs so no need to attach them.

Its a big file - taking a long time to upload - does it have copies of all the data in there?
The upload has failed.
OK lets put it on one of my websites

Thanks for the sample workflow. Let me ask internally and see if I can get some help on this one.

Sorry for the delayed response here. My best guess is that there’s something strange going on in the incoming stylesheet - this can sometimes cause NullPointerExceptions in the subsequent XSLT node. We do have an existing ticket for this bug (AP-4183) and I have added a +1 on it from you.

Sorry for the trouble!

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