xulrunner issue


I’m a brand new user of Knime (actually I will probably develop modules soon…), and I’ve a problem running the user version 2.0.0 under linux ubuntu 8.10.

It’s the documented “The operating systems web browser could not be found…” problem in the Node Description frame.

I’ve followed the instructions given to fix this issue, but it has no effect… I’ve a valid web browser installed on my machine, and xulrunner is located here:

I’ve tryed to set the XULRunner variable to both values in the knime.ini configuration file, but it changed nothing…

I’m I missing something? (I guess so…)

Thanks in advance.
Best regards

Hi Vincent,

Two things that come to my mind

  1. Does the xulrunner-directory you specified contain a libxpcom.so? Which version of firefox/xulrunner do you have installed?
  2. Could it be a 32/64bit issue? 32bit KNIME needs a 32bit xulrunner, for 64bit it’s likewise.



Well it’s OK I’ve solved the problem. In fact there is 3 xulrunner directories in /usr/lib :


I’ve tryed to set the XULRunner variable in knime.ini to /usr/lib/xulrunner- and now the node description frame displays HTML content correctly.

Thanks anyay for your answer.