Yet another joined loop question

Tried some of the older threads here, but to no avail. Been going crazy with iteration/chunk loop/table to row variable/etc :(

What I am trying to do:

Table 1: I have a fixed table with 352 rows (and z columns).
Table 2: Second table (using currently table creator, could be done by file read) having say x columns in 10 rows.

I want to created a new table where
Table 1 columns plus columns table 2 contents of only row 1 in all 352 rows.
then repeat table 1 + table 2 row 2, table 1 + table 2 row 3 .... etc; see example below
so that I would have 3520 rows in total.

This table would later get reiterated against yet another table as the next step (but not the current issue here)



end result:
a XX1
b XX1
c XX1
d XX1
a XX2
b XX2
c XX2
d XX2

I enclose a csv files if that helps?



if you only want to achieve the final table, the CrossJoiner node does exactly this.


If you want to loop it,

Use a Chunk Loop Start (Rows per Chunk = 1) on Table 1

Use a Chunk Loop Start (Rows per Chunk = 1) on Table 2

Connect the first Chunk Loop Start via the flow variable Port to the second one. Now use a CrossJoiner .

And finish your flow with two Loop End node (deactivate add iteration column if you wish)

Cheers, Iris

Doh,  so much simpler. And works just great!

Thanks a million!