Yet another pivoting problem - resolved

Dear All, I have a table with the following structure

ID1 Banane
ID1 Apple
ID1 Banane
ID2 Carrot

I need to have it however

ID1 Banane 2
ID1 Apple 1
ID2 Carrot 1

I've tried out Pivoting, group by ID, VALUE but then cannot do aggregation ...

Using OpenOffice, it is simply a Pivot, grouping  ID and VALUE , and counting unique ID.

Example (in Microsoft Excel format ) done in OpenOffice is attached.

Here is the solution of the problem: duplicating the ID column and then grouping by ID and VAL and manual aggregate on ID using counts.

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Hi Luca,

yes this is something we are aware of and I will push the feature request for you. 

Instead of using the Column Appender node, you can also use the constant value node. 

Best regards, Iris