zip file problems

Can anyone else unzip the new version for Win32???

Hi Mike,

are you using the built-in windows zipper? This is a known problem, that it can not handle long file names. If you use another zipper like WinZip or WinRAR it should work.

Does this help? Or do you encounter the same problems with the above mentionend applications as well?



I am also having trouble with the ZIP files. I have tried WinZip 8.1 SR-1 and 7-Zip with no success.

I do note that only the main KNIME 1.3.1 zip file is problematic. All extension ZIP files seem OK.


I'm using WinZip and having problems.

I tried to download the main ZIP file a second time and this time it worked A-OK with WinZIP 8.1 SR-1. It might be useful to have some checksum values (e.g., MD5SUM or SHA1SUM) to validate our downloads.


Ok, I've tried it and had problems, too.
Of course we will fix this problem as soon as possible (curently it is almost midnight in germany).
For those who don't want to wait, here is a work-around:
If you have KNIME 1.2.1 installed, use the Eclipse update mechanism to update to KNIME 1.3.

    * In the KNIME version you will find it under File -> Update KNIME, choose KNIME, KNIME 1.3
    * In the KNIME Developer Version you will find it under Help -> Software Updates -> Find and install -> search for updates and then follow the wizard
We apologize for this unconvenience and will fix the problem as soon as possible.




Our webserver has suffered from high load (either Denial of Service attacks or due to the fact that many people seem to use download managers), which may have let to corrupted file downloads.

Our system administration has just upgraded the system (hard- and software). We hope, downloads run now more smoothly.

Please let us know if you keep encountering problems!

PS: We also added MD5 checksums to the main download page.