zip node creating an extra entry within zip file

Hi all,

I have a folder and when I pass this folders location, along with its parent path as a prefix, the resulting zip file has an extra entry that seems to come from the “.” or “…” entry in windows file system.

this is the original contents of the folder

these are the settings of the node

and this is what I end up with within the zip file

notice the “users” folder… it contains the whole traversing path and except for the unnecessary subfolders is completely empty in terms of files

I’ve tried, some modifications to my prefix string but ended up with nothing better. I managed to get rid of the actual folders I wanted to keep and left with the one I wanted to delete :slight_smile:

I sometimes found that the zip integration in KNIME does not always behave the way I want. I have seen problems when a zip file I wanted to unzip contained an empty folder or file with a dot (.). Not sure if this is a related problem.

I created workflows that would demonstrate some zip functions also with R to work around the problems.


thanks, this should solve my problems!

PS for mods: I accept @mlauber71 s solution since it solves my situation; but the problem of KNIME zip node’s weirdness is not solved.

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