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This workflow shows a hands-on exercise in the L1-DW KNIME Analytics Platform for Data Wranglers: Basics course

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Hi! Task 2 “02 Data Cleaning” from the L1-DW course asks us to “Exclude the Rank Column” from the Demographics.sqlite database, but it’s fairly obscure: for a while, I thought the column simply didn’t exist because the provided workflow is preconfigured to read the LifeExpectancy table (which does not have a Rank column) in the DB Table Selector node, when it should be the JoinedTable table instead (which does). It’s only as I typed this message that I finally realized this. It would be better if the relevant node was either pre-configured to select the JoinedTable table, or simply had to be created manually by the user - which would force them to explore the database and find the relevant table. Thanks!

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Hi @btoulas -

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