02_Tagging words with sentiment according to lists of positive and negative words

Here, the enrichment step consists of tagging words based on sentiment, i.e. positive or negative, according to a list of positive and negative words. The node for this task is the Dictionary Tagger node. The list of positive words and negative words belonging to MPQA is available at: http://mpqa.cs.pitt.edu/corpora/mpqa_corpus/ A wildcard Tagger node is also used at the end to associate a few words with a named entity (NE) tag with value ORGANIZATIONS.

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Hi, I found the files on the mpqa website. However, I cant fingure out how to incorporate the downloaded files into the file reader node. Maybe someone can help me here?

Take a look at the workflow below, which shows how to read the MPQA lists using a couple of File Reader nodes.

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