05 Data Visualization

Explore statistics and relationships in data with the Data Explorer, Scatter Plot, and Table View nodes. Build an interactive view with a scatter plot and an interactive table.

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Hi where i can find the table data “adult_w_commute”? Thanks a lot.
Regards, Marija

Hi @Loknica07,

this you can find in the data folder, located in the parent folder of the workflow:

Hint: if you log in to the Hub, you can download whole folders. I’d recommend to download the whole “L1-DS KNIME Analytics Platform for Data Scientists - Basics” from by clicking on the cloud-like icon.

Best Regards,

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Thanks for this - currently, this page about the certification links to this folder, which is also named “L1-DS KNIME Analytics Platform for Data Scientists - Basics”

Could be the cause of the confusion - it was for me!


Hey @liamdt,

thanks for pointing that out - we’ll fix that!


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