Interactive visualization of epidemological data from zika virus This workflow illustrates how to interactively explore geolocation as well as phylogenetic data with KNIME AP. It is inspired by the microreact project “Zika virus in the Americas”: (https://microreact.org/project/zika-virus). The data (temporal and spatial data in .csv format and phylogenetic tree in Newick format) is investigated using a composite interactive view. For that, custom JS nodes have been developed. Geolocation data is visualized in a map that integrates Leaflet.js library and the tree node is built with pure d3.js based on this code: https://github.com/jasondavies/newick.js. Both generiic JavaScript views support basic KNIME interactivity like filtering or selection and work together with a Range Slider and Table View nodes to complete the analysis.

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