2 questions textprocssing

Hi All,

I have a list of addresses I need to (pre-)process.

Here I have 2 things I need to solve.

1. I want to remove diacretics (like CZ, German, Swedish and so on) special characters.

I am aware of the string manipulation node allwoing to remove the diacritics, yet I do not want to nest the function and just using it on one row by the time is quite tideous.

Is there a better way (tried some dict. replacer nodes on character level (like ("Ä,A") but no luck.

Can I remove the diacritics on document level at once in some way?


2. I want to link a table to 2 nodes, a cell replacer and a dictionary tagger.

I always get the error "WARN  Cell Replacer        2:140:112:120:142:145 Duplicate search key "?"".

What is wrong and what does the error mean..

As I update the table I want it to be the same for both nodes.


Thanks a lot,



For your first question.  Have you tried the "String Manipulation" node?

It has a "Replace" Category, that could help you.

Hello Karelman,


yes I know this one, yet I need more than one argument-i.e. more than one character to replace.

AFAIK I need to nest them and cannot list them seoparated with a " ; " - always get an error message.




1. to remove diacritics simply use the Diacritic Remover node that has been released with 3.3.0.

2. The Cell Replacer has two inputs. One input is a dictionary containing search and replace strings. The column containing the search strings should not contain any duplicates. It seems that you have missing values (= "?") in your data. You should remove or replace missing value and remove duplicates in that column you want to use as search column.

Cheers, Kilian