2D/3D scatterplot


The 2D/3D scatterplot node is fabulous, but it would become even better if it was possible to choose a white background in the 3D plot instead of the current grey.


If is it possible can add tha possibility to chose shape dimensions and color scheme?

Taking up the previous posts, it would be great if the 2D/3D scatter plotter worked optionaly with the color model of KNIME (Color Manager) or even the shape model. 

It is a great and powerful tool! Thanks for that! ...allowing to set the colors would enabling keeping track of many categories.


where can i find the option to make a 3D scatter plot? do i need to install something?





Yes, the Erlwood extension from the community contributions.

I really liked this node, but 2.11 seems to have kicked it out again. Does anyone know of a way to still use it?

(Apart from adapting the code, which I might just try over the holidays if there's no simpler way. As the original contributor seems to have abandoned Knime from what I read, someone will have to do that eventually anyway, if we want to keep it...)

The Erlwood extension are not yet part of the Trusted Community Contributions. Therefore you have to manually enable the update site for the Stable Community Contributions. Then you can install them.

Lilly is currently working hard on releasing a completely refreshed version of their Erlwood extension. It's just a bit of paperwork they have to do internally.

Thanks for the tip, thor.

For future reference, I suppose the "stable" site is http://tech.knime.org/update/community-contributions/2.11? (It doesn't have that name on the community contributions site and Knime didn't know about it since I had to screw with its sites as mentioned in another thread)

Installing from that site threw several errors about "No repository found", but using the "stable" zip-archive did the trick. Of course I had tried installing from an archive, but only the trusted one. Silly me...