2D Histogram in Knime

Hey guys,


I´m currently trying to plot a 2D-histogram of my data with the goal to see the density of certain areas in the grid.
(seems to be a good way to control the action of a DBScan)

I am new to KNIME and I´m struggeling to find a good solution. I would be extremely thankful for any good advice. 


Ideally it should look somewhat like that:

->Intervalls in the grid, for which the number of datapoints gets summed up and then stacked.

-> difference: the grid size should be defined by a certain bin-size


Bildergebnis für 2d histogram

Do you really mean "2D Histogram"? Because the image shows a 3D Histogram (or I would call it 3D Barplot). Anyway, to plot something advanced as a 3D Histogram, I would choose the R View (Table) Node. You can have a look at the R code in the grey-shaded box on this site: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/30563340/how-to-make-3d-histogram-in-r. With a few adjustments, it should be applicable to your data. It might be that you Need to install the plot3D library first, then put the line


at the beginning of your code. Then you need to execute the node and choose a mirror near you to install the additional library.


IMO you should use small multiples, that is a one dimensional bar plot for each year or study group, all graphs being aligned in a single column and the axes should be normalised to the common denominator to allow proper comparison across graphs. Bar plots with a 3D view angle are hardly readable.