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Dear Knimers,
I wish to plot my Covid data (on its initial 16 months) into a 3D Bar Chart. Is it possible to perform using just Knime resources? In such a case, which nodes should I use? Or there is any specific node (or component) to be used in similar situations?
My data are as follows:
The same data are stored into this XLSX file:
M vs F COVID-19 cases.xlsx (10.8 KB)
In Excel, I easily got to perform the wished 3D Bar Chart, as follows:

Can someone help me on this (probably very easy) task?

Thank you for any help.

Hello @rogerius1st ,

I am afraid 3D Bar Chart is not easily (if at all) available at the moment how do you want to use. But to be honest maybe not 3D Bar Chart is the best visualization to show data which has time series nature… Moreover with these specific data if they are shown with bar chart it is really hard to tell which group (Female, Male) are higher data.
If it is not crucial to show the monthly aggregated number (and only them) I would suggest to use other charts to tell your story.
What do you think, maybe these pictures could work for you?

Stacked Area Chart (Plotly)

You can zoom in if you want to select an area, and tell more about that data point, like this:

Or if you want to use bar chart, you can use the group bar chart, to make your data comparable. (
Bar Chart

I hope it helps, regards,


@rogerius1st unfortunately not that easy but with the help of an (integrated) Python node and Matplotlib it can be done. Since the 3D package is still under development some additional tweaks might be necessary.

The data though had to be transposed in order to fit with the example. Also you might have to tweak the code further to adapt the grid lines and other things.

Thanks to the new Python integration since KNIME 4.6 it will be enough to install the extension without any further installation of conda etc.

kn_example_python_graphic_bar_3d_chart.knwf (2.3 MB)


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