3D-e-Chem Pharmacophores viewer (Dislplays only the first molecule with pharmacophore)

I’ m trying to develop a workflow for ligand based virtual screening, but i got an issue with the new pharmacophores viewer node from 3D-e-Chem, when i have more than one molecule and want to see the alignment of the Pharmacophores obtained from different molecules (the node doesn’t allow this option even the molecules are listed but we can’t display them,however in the deprecated pharmacophore viewer i was able to visualize more than one molecule with their pharmacophore properties).

here a shoutcut of the problem : I this case the molecule 1 is displayed (i can’t hide it or display it) for the others i’ can’t display them

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Thanks for reporting this bug.

I have created an issue at https://github.com/3D-e-Chem/knime-molviewer/issues/31 with an attached worklfow reproducing the behavior.

I should have fix for the node soon.

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The 3D-e-Chem nodes have been updated to v1.4.1.

Could you update the nodes and retry the node?


Thank you, i have updated the nodes and now is working


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