4.14 server Update


I currently use the KNIME server 4.12 and I would like to upgrade to the KNIME server 4.14 , could I do directly or I need to upgrade the server to the 4.13 version first ?

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Upgrading to 4.13 first would be unnecessary.

You can find the upgrade instructions here [1] for details on 4.14 updates; however, coming from 4.12 there are some underlying tech changes (java, tomcat) and bugfixes that will most likely make a full install from the installer work better than doing a .war/.jar file update. The installer can also install the latest executor as well.

My recommendation would be to stop KNIME server/executor, and back up the knime_server, knime_executor, and workflow_repository, then move them aside and perform a full install from KS 4.14 installer jar (with the new executor as well), and then retweak the new configuration files to fit your existing installation. If you’d like assistance with this process, write in to support@knime.com and ask to schedule time for an assisted upgrade.


[1] KNIME Server Release Notes and Update Guide

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