4.3 Hadoop winutil.exe error

I have been using KNIME 4.3 for a few weeks now and I’ve noticed an unfortunate trend. When I’ve had KNIME open for a few hours or so it will stop allowing me to save my workflow.

In most cases I have been able to create a new workflow and move all my nodes over, but this problem is also breaking other nodes in my workflows which prevents me from successfully executing them.

I get this error when trying to save workflows and a similar one when trying to execute nodes.
I am not using hadoop nor do I have it configured so I’m not certain what’s happening here.

Usually closing and re-starting KNIME will fix the problem, but it has extremely problematic for me. Any suggestions on mitigation are greatly appreciated!


Hi @TardisPilot -

Sorry about this, it sounds like it’s very frustrating! Let me try to get some additional eyes on the problem internally, and someone to followup with you here.

Hi @Tardispilot -

A couple of followup questions.

  • You say you’re not using Hadoop, but are you using Spark nodes or maybe even just the Create Local Big Data Environment ?
  • Apart from that, is it possible that there’s a process on your system that is automatically cleaning up your temp folder? (We’ve seen this pop up a couple of times before.)


Hi @ScottF ,

Thank you for looking into this for me.

I’m not using the Create Local big Data Environ or Spark nodes.

I suspect that the temp folder might be the cause as this crops up after I’ve had KNIME open for workflow editing for a few hours.

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