4.4 MOE Node Update timing?

I see that the MOE nodes are not yet available on the KNIME 4.4 partner repository site. In order to help with planning for KNIME upgrades, is there an expected timeline on which the 4.4 compatible nodes are expected to become available?

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Hello @joshuahoran,

maybe this topic helps you in your planning:



CCG MOE tech support told me that they are recompiling their KNIME nodes to be compatible with version 4.4.0 of KNIME. Because of many other commitments, the new nodes might not be ready until sometime in August. In the meantime, the current MOE nodes do work with KNIME 4.3.3.


@rjrich Can you expand on your comment about the MOE nodes not working in 4.3.3.

It’s not uncommon for partner nodes to lag behind when a new major release comes out. 4.4.1 is set to release at the end of August, and that is when most partner nodes are updated to support the latest version. Since 4.4 had a Java change (Java8 to Java11) and an eclipse update, these kinds of changes require more testing, work and more time to be sure things work as expected.

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I believe @rjrich 's comment specified that the current nodes do work with 4.3.3.

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My mistake, read that it doesn’t. Please disregard my inability to read. :slight_smile:


The MOE nodes DO work in KNIME 4.3.3.

They do not work in KNIME 4.4.0.

CCG MOE is working on recompiling their nodes to work in KNIME 4.4.0 (and, we hope, beyond).

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