4 images forming a single picture it seems very simple but...

I have got 4 images in the ImgPlus format in a Knime table. How can I make one single image with it in a cell respecting the given order of the table ?
Datas below :

Hi @Fabien_Couprie,

indeed, the task is easily formulated but quite hard to implement, with KNIME at least :wink: This is what I propose: stitch_images_example – KNIME Hub

I hid the magic it in a component, here is how it works: It uses the “Group By” node with the compose image aggregation at the heart of it, when the offset metadata of the images is set previously. You’d need to give the X- and Y- dimensionality in the component (this could certainly be done automatically, i.e. with the “Image Properties” node if need be, but I wanted to keep it simpler). For each Y and X, dimensionality is set as the images offset in its metadata and the actual composition is performed with the group by node. Inspired by @gab1one’s post: How to join box plot images into 1 image - #4 by gab1one

Let me know if that works for you or if you need more explanation!

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