403 error when embedding KNIME webportal iframes into multiple pages

Hi all,

We are in the process of creating a website where multiple KNIME workflows are presented using the KNIME embedded web apps methodology.
Technically all works fine, but when jumping from one page to another with 2 different iFrames (and also different workflows) we get a 403 issue.

I could identify this has something to do with the cookie that is being stored. Below a few tests with results. Before each test, I cleared the cookies.

Access website with iFrame workflows before KNIME web portal

  1. Access page with workflow 1: success
  2. Access next page with workflow 2: failled (403)
  3. Go to KNIME web portal: failed (403)

Access KNIME web portal before website with iFrame workflows

  1. Go to KNIME web portal and log in: success
  2. Access page with workflow 1: success
  3. Access next page with workflow 2: success

So this tells me that the KNIME server embedded apps only works when you actually login into the webportal first.

Any suggestion on how we can solve this? Or if there is anything in the roadmap to solve this?

Hi @debieo

I’m sorry to say that we currently only support embedding a single workflow into a webpage. The embedding feature is quite new and still under active development. We are planning on supporting multiple embedded workflows in our upcoming server version 4.13, which will be released in the next weeks.

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Hi @marvin.kickuth,

Thank you for your reply.
Good to know there will be a fix in the version.
Do you have a concrete date on when the version will be released?

For now we will instruct the users to login into the webportal first before login into the website.

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Hi @debieo

Server version 4.13 (together with Analytics Platform version 4.4) is scheduled for release at the end of this month (i.e. just over a week from now). However, this is a .0 release which is not recommended for production. We will release a production ready release a little later, you can follow this thread to get a notification on the release.


Kind regards