[5.3.2] Odd little UI bug when dragging components from Space explorer

I went to drag a shared component from Space explorer to my workflow.
This first screenshot shows it going as normal.

However as soon as my mouse gets past the vertical grey space and into the white space of the workflow window, I get the Image Reader node instead of the “Open Folder on Desktop” node.


If I double-click on the “Open Folder on Desktop” node from the Space explorer sidebar, it does open its own workflow as expected.

The only contributing factor I can think of us that earlier I moved a lot of workflows around to clean up my workspace.

Windows 10, if it matters.

Hi @ajackson ,
Thanks for reporting this, along with the screenshots. I will ask about this internally.


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thanks for bringing up this issue.

I briefly tried to reproduce this but could not.

@ajackson Here’s some questions that could help us pinpoint the issue:

  • What AP version are you working with? Does it also occur in the latest version?
  • Does it occur with only this component or others as well? If it’s only this, is it possible for you to share it?
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This was AP 5.3.2 on Windows 10.
I’m unable to reproduce it now myself either. If it happens again I will get the component over to you.

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