A bit of a newbie question: How to find % of data that meets a certain condition


I’m relatively new to the Knime platform and I’ve been working on a workflow for financial/trading data. One thing I would like to is calculate what % of observations in the dataset fit a certain set of conditions.

For example.

If I have a moving average of 50 periods.

What % of total observations are greater than the moving average?

I have a list of things I would like to do this to and multiple conditions.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A moving average calc is dynamic so it will change i guess. (Assume you have a column which has the MA based on the current and last 49 rows) So how do you define the percentage above? Does it include all rows before the current row? You might want to look at the moving aggregation node which might be helpful

I appreciate the reply, I already have the moving aggregation all sorted out, what I’m looking for is a Knime equivalent to something like this in Excel:

=COUNTIF(A2:A1000, “>B2”)

That’s it pretty much.