A meta collection and article about R and KNIME

A meta collection and article about R and KNIME R gives you the power to do a lot of great things combined with KNIME but to get R and KNIME together up and running can be a challenge. I came across a lot of questions about this over the year and wrote a summary article some time back *1). I will try to give you the most helpful links and adress the most basic pitfalls. Most of this is related to Windows (10) and MacOS. Keep in mind you will need these components to get KNIME and R to work together - a working KNIME installation with R scripting nodes (the official version) https://hub.knime.com/knime/extensions/org.knime.features.r/latest - a working version of R *1) - R & KNIME will need RServe 1.8.6 - there is *no* way around this. You *have* to make this work! And some other libraries like Cairo - compilation on Windows will need RTools *2) - compilation on MacOS will need Homebrew and some other tools possibly *3) - you have to configure the whole thing to make it work For starters follow the official installation guide - if that works you are done perfect https://docs.knime.com/latest/r_installation_guide/index.html *1) Install R alongside KNIME on Windows and MacOS (from 2019 but contains maybe useful links and explainations) https://forum.knime.com/t/install-r-alongside-knime-on-windows-and-macos/13287?u=mlauber71 If you still encounterproblems these links about R and RServe 1.8.6 are most likely to help you on the way. *2) -------------------------------------------------------- RServe 1.8.6 on Windows https://forum.knime.com/t/compiling-rserve-1-8-6-on-windows-7-64bit/18318?u=mlauber71 https://forum.knime.com/t/how-i-finally-got-r-working-in-knime-on-windows-10/22491?u=mlauber71 If you (still) struggle to get RTools working on Windows you can follow this thread https://forum.knime.com/t/how-to-import-tables-from-docx-documents-via-r-snippet/19284/10?u=mlauber71 Using Rtools40 on Windows https://cran.r-project.org/bin/windows/Rtools/index.html *3) -------------------------------------------------------- RServe 1.8.6 on MacOSX => for Mac users please note there is a passage about a script you will have to run to install "Homebrew". It is eays to miss that but it might be very vital: https://forum.knime.com/t/install-r-alongside-knime-on-windows-and-macos/13287/5?u=mlauber71 https://forum.knime.com/t/how-i-finally-got-r-working-in-knime-on-windows-10/22491/6?u=mlauber71 https://bitbucket.org/KNIME/knime-r/src/master/org.knime.r/scripts/ If you sill encounter problems on Mac refer to these articles: https://forum.knime.com/t/knime-r-integration-execute-failed-exception-occured-during-r-initialization/23016/6?u=mlauber71 https://forum.knime.com/t/installing-rserve-1-8-6-on-macos-10-15-catalina/20909/6?u=mlauber71 Then if you want to check the status of your R installation you could use this node https://hub.knime.com/mlauber71/spaces/Public/latest/kn_example_r_check_version_of_package ----------------------------------------------------- And then if you want to keep your R clean and updated here are two ways to do it 3 Methods to update R on RStudio (for Windows & Mac) https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/3-methods-update-r-rstudio-windows-mac-woratana-ngarmtrakulchol/ Updating R from R (on Windows) – using the {installr} package https://www.r-statistics.com/2013/03/updating-r-from-r-on-windows-using-the-installr-package/

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