A Path Configuration Node would be a welcome addition when building components

When writing components that take a file name/path as a parameter, we still have to use String Configuration to accept the path details.

This makes components inconsistent with the standard File nodes and often means that to use a home-grown file-centric component, the user has to perform the extra steps of first converting a path to a String. It also means it is more difficult to write components that deal with the various relative locations/mountpoints.

It would be useful to have a node that allows the specification of path using the various controls available in the standard File nodes


and possibly also have the option of allowing folder name/subfolders and name filters that are common to the other File nodes.

It would also be nice if it had a setting that allowed you create non-existing folder & file directories, or modify an existing path by formula without throwing an error to handle creating new flow variables. That would save a ton of hassle selecting paths, splitting folders and files, shifting to sting, modifying segments by formula, recombining, then converting everything back to a path.

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