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Hi everyone!

I need to create a pop up message saying if there are any missing values in a column. Can anyone suggest me a way to create this?

Many thanks.

Hi Ulzhan,

I guess this would thread be a good starter:



Hi @qqilihq,

Thank you for reference.

I tried to use Java snipped node, but when I execute it nothing would appear (I was expecting a pop-up window). Here is my node configuration.

Please let me know if you can help fix it.
Thank you

Don’t use == for string comparison in Java, use the .equals() function instead.

Hope this helps!


@qqilihq, thanks again.

It worked with .equals().

But another question arises from my side. If I have certain number of missing values, then that number of pop-up windows appear. Is it possible to have just one?

Many thanks.

Hi @Ulzhan , indeed you will get a popup for each rows that satisfies this condition :slight_smile:

If you want only one popup, it’s certainly do-able, you just need to manipulate your data so that you end up with just 1 row. There are a various ways to do this.

Here’s an example: Using Java popup message.knwf (11.5 KB)


@bruno29a Many thanks!

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