A question about the Association Rule Learner Node

Hello KNIMErs,

I have a question about the Association Rule Learner Node. I want to detect associations between error codes comming out of control units and my data table look like this.

As you can see I have Date&Time Column with dublicated vaules. This is because of several error read out at the specific execution time.
So, what I want is one row for each execution time with all the error codes and then find associations between the error code combination per day

I tryed some test with the Create Collection Column Node and the Association Rule Learner Node but I don’t get any results. If the Minimum Support is to low I get a Java Heap Error (KNIME has 16GB of RAM on my Laptop :thinking:). On the other side if the Minimum Support ist to high the Node creats an empty table.

Can someone give me a tip on what to improve or do differently?


Hi @Brotfahrer,

I think this can help you but I’m not sure it is the best way to sole this problem: KNIME_project14.knwf (8.0 KB)

And for Java Heap problem again I think you should increase your RAM usage in KNIME.

  1. In the KNIME installation directory there is a file called knime.ini (under Linux it might be .knime.ini; for MacOS: right click on KNIME.app, select “Show package contents”, go to “/Contents/Eclipse/” and you should find a Knime.ini). Open the file,
  2. Find the entry -Xmx1024m and change it to -Xmx4g or higher (for example).
  3. (Re)start KNIME.



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