A quick, practical introduction to KNIME Analytics Platform, June 25

Hi! We’ve got another one of our “Intro” webinars taking place on June 25. If you’d like to find out more about the Analytics Platform or have colleagues you think would be interested, please share the link.

Join us as we highlight:

  • A modern, open source data science platform with a visual workflow editor that lets you focus on learning methods rather than learning the tool itself.
  • An extremely wide range of data sources, tools, and methods - many based on leading open source projects - all within one platform.
  • Software that is open source and free. No limitations on methods, data, or operating systems.
  • A strong KNIME community to support you, including thousands of freely available working examples.
    This webinar is held twice on June 25 - at 1.30 PM CEST (Berlin) and 1.30 PM CDT (Chicago)

Here are the links to the respective event pages to sign up for the webinar: