A tool like Hilite Node for the web Portal


Does anyone know how i could implement a tool like the hilite node for the webportal?

For example im many of our workflows we have two or more interactive tables, when we select and hilite a row of interest in one table, relevant rows in the other interactive table(s) elswhere in the workflow can be filtered & Highlighted for the user to view. This hilighting works for both downstream and upstream in the workflow.

Is there a way to do this on the WebPortal? I'd like to have 2 tables - select and hilight rows in the top table and the relevant associated rows in the bottom table will automatically be filtered and hilighted?

Thanks in advance for any help!


Hi Mike,

with KNIME Analytics Platform 3.3 and KNIME Server 4.4 it is already possible to use some basic functionality like you described on the WebPortal. It is not called hiliting, but rather subscribe/publish selection events, and subscribe/publish filter events.

If you check appropriate view dialogs (e.g. Table View or Parallel Coordinates), you will see options for that.
Selection and filtering can only be applied to views that exist on the same page (are inside the same wrapped metanode). Selection works similar to hiliting, in the sense that it is based on row ids and works as long as the table structure does not change between views, that are supposed to be linked. E.g. a transpose node would break the behaviour.

Filters can only be used with the Range Slider Filter Definition node at the moment. Filters work different, because they are not row, but column based. To realize this in the workflow the filter definition nodes will define a filter handler on the table spec (and not actually filter the data). If this handler is visible to an appropriate view node a subscription to this filter is possible. If you ceck the dialog of the table view for example, there will also be a hint as to how many filters are available (seen) by the view.

Currently we are working on a few improvements to the selection behaviour, which will be available with the next summer release.  Specifically this is the possibility to open a view on a wrapped metanode, that would look and behave exactly the same as on the WebPortal (layout is applied and interactivity, like selection, is available) and also a selection mapping, which will work analogous to the hilite translation. With that it will be possible to have nodes like a GroupBy or similar in between appropriate views and the selection events are translated in between.

I hope this explanation was helpful to you. Feel free to post more questions here if they arise.


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