About basic string strip function

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A friend of mine ask me how to remove space before or after a word. I told her to use strip in the String Manipulation node. It is easy, but I find there are some confusing examples in the strip help panel that it can handle multiple strings, how it possible?

Hi @HaveF,

I think you are right. The example makes confusion. The node cannot return array type (the string() function does not convert the array output of the function to string as well - arrayToString() in Column Expressions does).The same is for some other functions: string(), toNull(), toEmpty, stripStart(), stripEnd() @ipazin

I guess you want to manipulate the values of all column altogether but save them separately. If you want to remove starting and ending white spaces and replace each column (or append new columns), you can use the node in a Column List Loop Start or use the Column Expressions node instead and use an expression per column.



Hi, @armingrudd

Thanks for your comments :grin: ! Actually, I just curious to know about the array manipulation doc.

I suspect there is a bug here, because you can use List aggregation in GroupBy node! So I thought somewhere in the KNIME code maybe lack of array/list manipulation in such situation.


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Hi there @HaveF, @armingrudd,

have checked it and seems there are couple of function examples that need update :wink:

Tnx for engagement!



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