About DB connection and table selection on KNIME Server


I have question about DB connection and table selection on KNIME Server.

Assume that there is a user who can’t connect to DB directly on local environment.
If this user need to connect to DB, then the user can connect by using DB Connection node in Remote Editor mode.
But after connecting to DB, when the user try to select a table by using DB Table Selector node, then its configuration cannot be opened on Remote Editor mode.
So how can the user select a table in Remote Editor mode?

I’d appreciate it if someone help me!


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Hello @hhki,

It is possible for the user open the DB Table Selector node before executing the DB Connector?

If it is not a problem could you please send a screen shot of this section of the workflow (only these two nodes DB Connector and DB Table Selector, and the DB Connector node settings at the Advanced tab.


Sorry for my late reply.
As below, when I opened a workflow in remote job editor mode and tried to edit configuration of DB Table Selector node, then it showed this error message.

I’d appreciate it if you could let me know how to use DB Table Selector node in remote job editor mode.

Hello @hhkim ,

did you try to enable the “Automatically reconnect to database” option in the MySQL Connector / Advanced tab? (In the picture you can see SQLite Connector, because I have only SQLite database to test, but it does not make any difference the two connector have more or less the same configuration options.)

Give us a feedback if it works!

I’m sorry for the late reply.

I checked the option “Automatically reconnect to database”, but it still not work.

Is it possible that you open the configuration of DB Table Selector node connecting SQLite in Remote editor mode?

I have the same issue. Resetting the DB Connection (and letting it in idle, not executing it), allows you to open the DB Table Selector. This is a bit cumbersome but it works. You would need to rely on SQL unfortunately, or enter the Table and Schema name manually, as you cannot browse the DBs tables.

Okay… Thank you for your quick reply :smiling_face_with_tear:

Hello @hhkim , and @Residentstiefel ,

sorry for the late reply!

Could you tell me which AP version do you use?

In the meantime I was playing around with different versions of AP to see is there any difference regarding to this behavior (DB Table Selector node config does not open unless the DB Connector node set to reset (idle) before).

I can confirm that in 4.3.4, 4.6.1 I experienced the same as you. We have opened a ticket for our developers to investigate and fix this issue (AP-19501). You can follow up in the changelog whether this fix is implemented in the upcoming versions or not.

Although in version 4.4.2 there is no need to reset the DB Connector node you can open the DB Table Selector Node config dialog at any time. (But even if you are able to open the config dialog you will not be able to browse the DSs table. That is an intended behavior as the Remote editor is mainly for debugging and not for developing Workflows.)

Sorry for the inconvenience!

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I use version 4.6.1
And I also agree that the Remote editor is for debugging and not for developing.
I just wanted to confirm that I can’t open the DB Table Selector Node config in Remote editor.
Actually, there are a lot of things that can’t be used in Remote editor :laughing:
Anyway, thank you for your detailed reply!

Hello @hhkim ,
we just release version 4.7 of the KNIME Analytics Platform which enables revising the settings of most DB node dialogs in the remote workflow editor.
For an overview of all the new features have a look at the What’s new page. For all the details go to the changelog.


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