About DB Table Selctor Error

Metadata of hive is not inquired when clicking the “select table” button.

I want to see metadata in the Database Metadata Browser.

The Database Metadata Browser displays “the schema from database. Reason:java.net .SocketTimeOut error message along with the Metadata is not fetched yet message.” or “Error during fetching metadata from the database: java.sql.SQLException: Cannot get schemas from database Reason: Error operating Get Tables: java.llang.RuntimeException org.apache.hadoop.hive.ql.metadata.Hive Exception: Error in loading storagehandler.com.-.rdbms.JDBCStroageHandler”

Using DB Selector, data in Hive is well viewed, but Schema and Table information are not visible in the Database Metadata Browser.

Fetching Metadata continues to fail.

Please let me know how to figure it out.

Hi @sayu ,

Sometime the problem can be solved add some time to timeout connection setting. Like others connectors node, you can set it from advanced tab and maybe check the reconnection option too, if the problem happens with frequency.

Can you try it and return with your feedback?

BR, Denis

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