About Index Query Node

Hi all,

i have a question about the index query node and the table to index one.

I testet it a bit and think that it is working nicely for text mining and also the lucene query language is well implemented.

the question i have is whether anybody found a way to hand over a list of queries or query terms from a table or another node.
so instead of adding in the query strings manually connect a table to the node which contains the query strings.

i also wonder if anybody knows what the limit of query strings of the index query node is.so how many terms can be added into one node?

this way it would be way easier to adjust the strings and/or automate the process a bit.

thanks in advance



Hello @And_Z -

Sorry for the delayed response. I put together an example workflow that shows how you might use flow variables to pass multiple queries to the Index Query node using a simple loop.

I’m not sure offhand what the limit is for query terms. I’ll have to check on that.

In the meantime, I hope the workflow helps!

IndexQueryFlowVariableExample.knwf (17.5 KB)

Update: after talking to some of our support folks, my best guess on the limit for query terms is 1024. I’m not sure anyone has tested that out, though. And it may be adjustable beyond that. More info here:


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Hello Scott,

many thanks for the workflow and the info. I’ll try that out!