About integration of CDK-1.5.8 in KNIME

Hi guys,

As you know CDK-1.5.8 solved several problems respect the 1.5.7 version. I noticed that in the last KNIME version (2.11) the default CDK version is still 1.5.7. The same if you update from the nightly builds.

Please, do you know when the CDK-1.5.8 is scheduled to replace the 1.5.7 in KNIME?

Thanks in advance,


Hi Gio,

CDK 1.5.10 has been released about a week ago.


I agree that it is time for an update. I will look into it over the next few days and keep you posted.

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While at it, when would the next stable release be due ?

I ask this with the Padel descriptor in mind, they are still stuck on embedding CDK 1.4 until they deem it safe to move on to 1.5, and they did not (or do not know how to) change the reader-node's name, resulting in a naming conflict if both Padel and CDK is installed.

I'm not sure if Padel is still maintained. I have already tried to contact them about this issue but have never gotten an answer.

I'm not sure about the status quo of Padel either. Last I heard they were planning to upgrade their Padel descriptor suite only when the next 'stable' CDK 1.6 release is out. There isn't an official release date for that version yet.


Thank you very much Stephan,

It would be great having KNIME with an updated version of CDK.



I have updated the nightly repository from CDK 1.5.7 to CDK 1.5.10. All tests run fine but please let me know if you encounter any issues after the update.

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Thanks a lot Stephan, this is a wonderful news!

I will let you know if I enounter any issue.