About Java IF

I'm new in KNIME and I need some help. I'm trying to make a switch. What I need is to let cross the table into a different flow depending on the table has an attribute or not. I've tried the Java IF and Java Snippet nodes, but without any luck. I understand a bit of Java, but I'm not sure how to use the nodes. If you could help me with examples or anything, I would really appreciate it.

Summarizing, my table has normally 5 attributes (columns), one of them named "acceptability". If the attribute (column) doesn't exist I can apply a model to classificate data, but if exists, I should keep the attribute but make some cleaning on the data first. So what I need is to send the table to either the branches depending on attribute (column) "acceptability"; exists or not.

I apologize my English is not that good, but I really hope you could understand my problem.



Hi Laura,

   I am not sure whether it is possible to do with Java IF, but I have attached an option with Java Snippet and IF Switch.

Cheers, gabor