About Knime logging.properties

I modified the logging.properties file (/conf/loging.properties).
The addition of job tracer log was successful by writing this message. ‘com.knime.enterprise.server.jobs.Tracer.handlers = 6jobtracer.org.apache.juli.FileHandler’

I want the log time format to change from “24-Dec-2021 16:08:34.825” to "2021-12-24 16:08:34.825 ".
we modified logging.properties file like this, but it has no effect on the log.

java.util.logging.SimpleFormatter.format=%1$tY:%1$tm:%1$td %1$tH:%1$tM:%1$tS|%4$s:

It would be much appreciated if you could respond to this problem.

Hi @sayu

try setting 6jobtracer.org.apache.juli.FileHandler.format instead.

See also Logging – KNIME Admin Guide for some more details on Job tracing.

Kind regards

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Thank you for your prompt reply.

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