About LDAP Authentication

  1. The ldap Connection was successful by modifying ‘server.xml’.
    I can log in, but the group and user information does not appear. Is the LDAP authentication only for login?
    (I want to see user information and group information on the Web portal UI.

  2. Sunny and Gabriel are ldap users. Gabrielle is already added to the file:knime-server.config(com.knime.server_admin_users).
    User can log in only if I set it up as shown in the picture below.
    Sunny cannot log in because the username does not exist in server.config(com.knime.server_admin_users). Gabriel can log in.

Is there any way to log in without modifying knime-server.config(com.knime.server_admin_users or group)?

  1. Is it possible to connect from the Knime Analytics Platform to the Knime server by using LDAP(not Kerberos) User ID and Password?

Hi @sayu,

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Let me answer your questions:

  1. If your KNIME Server LDAP configuration also requests group memberships these can be used to grant permissions and access, e.g. for the com.knime.server.login.user.allowed_groups. They won’t show up on the groups Adminstration page as this is only for the setup of the local H2 user database.
  2. You have to allow either the account sunny or a LDAP group she is member of to one of these configuration options:
    As a user:

Or as a consumer:

  1. The connection from the KNIME Analytics Platform to the KNIME Server will work using the LDAP credentials for the user, but have to be typed in manually. For Single Sign On I would recommend to use OAuth/OpenID as described here: KNIME Server Advanced Setup Guide


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Thank you for replying to me. What should I do for the connection from the KNIME Analytics Platform to the KNIME Server(LDAP Authentication)? Could you tell me more about it?

If your KNIME Server is configured to authenticate against your LDAP it should also work for all users to access the KNIME Server via a mountpoint in the KNIME Explorer View of the Analytics Platform.

Could you please elaborate on the information that is missing on your side or the issue that you ran into trying it?


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