About the Community Extensions category

Welcome to our Community Extensions forum category. Extensions in this category are maintained by our community members.

When posting in this category, please use one of its designated tags to classify your post, to make it easier for the maintainers to follow. These tags currently include:

  • BfR
  • CDK
  • Continental
  • Erlwood
  • Geospatial
  • HCS Tools
  • Indigo
  • OpenMS
  • Palladian-Selenium
  • Process-Mining
  • RDKit
  • Scripting-Extensions
  • Seqan
  • Vernalis
  • Other-Community-Extensions

If you would like to have additional tags created for topics in this category, please contact @ScottF.

If you’re here to report a bug, please follow the Bug Reporting Best Practices . Remember to include the version number of the extension you’re referring to.