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I would like to register but the registration button seems linked to its own page. is this temporary?

I registered just now.

Hi Great maybe I’m registered now just like you but this button does not give me any feedback, it reloads the page it is already showing

I remember clicking on that button and there will be a pop-up window, not sure if your browser settings blocked it


Thanks, It wasn’t the Popup settings of the browser but the tracking that needed to be allowed to make this popup work.

This tracking is probarbly harmless but a a pity anyway, since the rest of the Knime forum and website works fine without tracking.

Hi @Iris,

just a quick question. Are we suppose to post our solutions bevor the official one or are no spoilers allowed?

Kind Regards,


Hi! Feel free to post your solutions on the challenge thread whenever you have them. No need to wait until the official one is announced. :slight_smile: