About translation and node repository

I have two questions to ask:

1.I want to translate the  KNIME  into Chinese,is there Chinese Packet to plugin?If not,please give me some advices.Thank you...

2.I want to  modify the 'Node Repository' and I find the file
 named 'plugin.xml'  in '%KNIME_HOME%/plugins/org.knime.base_XXXX' and 'org.knime.timeseries_XXXX.jar' and so on. 
 I think these files are the config for node tree.So I modify the 'plugin.xml'
 to change the node tree .But it has not been effective even then I delete them.

I have thought them  many days.Please help me.Thank you !




KNIME doesn't support any other languages. It's not easily possible to translate all texts because most of them are hardcoded.

Modifying the plugin.xml file of existing plug-ins is also not supported and may cause all kinds of problems. It will e.g. break the digital signature of these plug-ins. If you want to change the node repository structure, you can use the "Custom Node Repository" that is part of some of our commercial extensions (see http://www.knime.org/products/product-matrix).