Academic license integration in Knime failed

I installed the JChem Extensions 2.8.2.v0204 in Knime 2.9.2 and pointed to my academic license in the Knime preferences. However i still get the error message "Configure failed (LicenseInvalidException): Node doesn't have the license key." when i try to use for example the pKa node from the calculator plugins.

I dont know if i have to do something else with the license.cxl file but so far i just copied it to the chemaxon folder in the user directory (C:/Users/.../chemaxon).

I would appreciate any help to solve this issue.




Hi Alex,

The KNIME extensions are developed by Infocom, and they are not part of the free ChemAxon Academic Package.
The extensions also have a different, separate license file, the ChemAxon license file never intended to enable the Infocom extensions.
To inquire about the price please write to sales _at_

Best regards,