Accepted Solutions

Here’s one easy way to be an excellent member of the KNIME community: hit the Solution button at the bottom of a reply when it answers your question – keep in mind that the button is only visible if you are the person who originally created the topic!

It looks like this: solution button

This one simple click will help your fellow community members to find answers for their questions faster and will benefit the entire community in a variety of ways:

• marking solutions helps eliminate the need for a member to ask a question which has already been asked and will help them get back to work faster

• clicking the Solution button brings the reply marked as the Solution right to the top of the conversation, so that readers don’t have to scroll through the entire thread to find the most relevant post:


• it makes it clear that the topic contains a resolution on the category feed:

• and it rewards the person who helped you by increasing their stats, rank and reputation in the community:
user profile

Go on and be a wonderful KNIME community member – hit that Solution button :blush:


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