Access Context Information

Does anyone know of a way to access context information from within a Metanode? The Node ID that appears in the Flow Variable list would be nice for example.

Not currently, may I ask what you are trying to accomplish?  This sounds a bit unusual!

I was looking into ways to save the quickform configuration of metanodes to disk. The idea here was to have different sets of configurations of the same workflow to choose from, thereby eliminating the need to manually reenter all the quickform infos.

As I have several instances of the same metanode in my workflow, being able to unambiguously identify which quickform setting belongs to which metanode would have been very convenient.

Currently I am solving this by keeping track of the workflow branch to which the metanode belongs, which unfortunately introduces some overhead.

If you know your workflow directory (e.g. via Extract Context Properties -> works not on Server though) you can easily access any file of your workflow,e.g with a list Files command.

I used this ones to save all for me relevant Node Settings during workflow execution and write them to a csv file... you "just" need a loop with an XML reader.

Node ID information and so on can be extracted automatically from the workflow.knime file too.